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Improving driving behaviour by using the Driver Awareness Panel (DAP) will result in less fuel consumption, safer driving, reduction in wear and tear and CO2 emission. As you know, the change in driving behaviour by creating a higher level of awareness, has a significant impact on operational fleet costs. We have seen that this change in behaviour by using the DAP has led to fuel savings from 5% up to 17% (see our customer success stories on our website: www.squarell.com). Also the maintenance costs for brake and tire wear have been reduced. The DAP works on driving improvement by stimulating the driver intuitively. It’s build-in algorithms take care of driver attention loss in the long run to secure a constant assistance. All meant to gain a better, safer, cleaner and more economical way of operating your fleet. The DAP’s user interface addresses six indicators that individually will give instant visual and audible feedback to the driver to help improve alleged driving inconsistencies. The six indicators on the DAP are: • High RPM • Engine Power • Eco Drive • Unsteady Drive (fluctuating accelerator pedal pattern) • Harsh Accelerate • Anticipate Please contact Squarell for more information.

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