Por Rami Al-ashqar

  • Categoría: Games
  • Fecha de lanzamiento: 2017-10-12
  • Versión actual: 1.0
  • Edad: 9+
  • Tamaño: 45.04 MB
  • Desarrollador: Rami Al-ashqar
  • Compatibilidad: Requiere 8.0 o superior.


Fight for the title of Lord of the Wingz and rule the skies in this fast-paced flight game. Winglingz is an intense survival flight through the skies. Select a Wingling champion and embark upon a flight to rule the skies. Navigate through and dodge hordes of incoming Winglingz, poop on your enemies or beat the poop out of them with powerups such as Shield or Flail whilst you pursue ever higher scores as you clamour your way up the leaderboards to claim your place as the true Lord of the Wingz. "Early bird gets the turd!" - Droppy the Dragon Features: - BLITZ mode: Endless flight - 4 Acts Story Mode - 24 Challenge levels - Story cut scene sequences - Unlock up to 18 Wingling Champions - 4 unique environments - Leaderboards to compete over who is truly the Lord of the Wingz - In game currency/shop "Flap in Fear, you worst nightmare's here!" - Terra the Terodactyl Story: Dragons rule the Wingdom skies. But a council of Wingling generals remove the Dragon Queen from power in a "Coo de Caw". Guano the Bat leads the coup and captures Diva the Dragon princess, who is promised as a bride to the heir of the Wingdom throne and protagonist 'Droppy the Dragon'. Droppy escapes, but must embark on a journey through the skies to defeat the Wingling generals and their armies, save his family and most importantly save the princess and claim his rightful place as Lord of the Wingz! "It ain't over till the Fatbird sings!" - Fatbird

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