Space Fall - M

Space Fall - M

Por ParkPill

  • Categoría: Games
  • Fecha de lanzamiento: 2018-05-24
  • Versión actual: 1.3
  • Edad: 4+
  • Tamaño: 20.78 MB
  • Desarrollador: ParkPill
  • Compatibilidad: Requiere 8.0 o superior.


By shooting the planet, you can split it in two. Then split one of those in two, again. Over and over until there is nothing left. Dare try? - Background-story In the future, there was a war that destroys almost entire earth. But people still fight each other. So the peaceful-mind-people decide to leave the earth and find another. In the hidden dimension, they found a secret marble that turns into two marbles when its broken. The marble represents a planet on universe which they can warp into. Now, the people in the spaceship starts breaking the marbles until they find another earth.

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